It’s a challenging real estate market. I thought, “how can I help sellers?” Especially those who paid appraisal gaps during the red hot real estate market. I’m now the broker/owner of Sunflowers Realty and offers services as The FSBO Advisor. My innovative plan helps For Sale By Owners (FSBO’s) SAVE thousands of dollars. I not only advise, I also provide three decades of knowledge and experience to assist FSBO’s to be their own listing representative.

Countless buyers paid an appraisal gap during the red hot real estate market. Those buyers who may now need to sell will be at a very thin margin or perhaps even be upside down. I just assisted a young g man who needed to sell his house, because he hired me, he made a bit of money, rather than being at a deficit at closing.

This is not a ploy to obtain a listing, I am no longer a connected to a board of Realtors. I QUIT the Space Coast Association of Realtors to pass savings on to FSBO’s! This allows Florida For Sale By Owners to offer attractive buyer incentives. It’s imperative to make home  for sale more financially appealing in this challenging Florida real estate market.

For Sale By Owners can get help & SAVE thousands!Agi Anderson, The FSBO Advisor

FSBO’s can also save several thousands of dollars with a home protection plan. (it’s NOT a home warranty). The Home Assured Protection Plan gives Florida For Sale By Owners the sellers advantage and allows for an expeditious closing.

Questions? It’s easy to call, text or email me using my Online Biz Card card at …

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