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With interest rates climbing, buyers need reassurance when purchasing a home…

As a “For Sale By Owner” advisor (The FSBO Advisor), I recommend the seller(s) use the HOME ASSURED PROTECTION PLAN, to assure buyers a smooth and timely closing.

Since 2019, I have successfully helped sellers on the Brevard FL Space Coast save thousands of dollars when they listed and sold their property with a program which eliminated costly arbitrary credits.

It’s important that you, as the seller, know early on, exactly what problems your property may have, along with any 4 Point Inspection issues that may fail.

Buyers are required to provide a “Clear 4 Point Inspection” (roof, plumbing, electrical and HVAC) in order to obtain homeowners insurance. The seller can not offer a financial credit for the repairs. The repairs must be done at the expense of the seller. An “as is” contract is no longer truly  “as is”.


  • eliminates the seller having to provide arbitrary, costly repair credits.
  • points out the “must repair issues” in order to receive a “Clear 4 Point Inspection.”
  • assures the buyer(s) mandatory repairs are being fixed.
  • provides more assurance for the buyer(s) to secure their loan lock rate.

Learn more about getting the seller’s advantage with my FREE guide which explains all of the advantages of selling your home For Sale By Owner with the Home Assured Protection Plan (not to be confused with a home warranty).