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Thanks for dropping by to the “Boomer Bytes” web page, I am your host, Agi Anderson-Sorelle, a ProAge Boomer and an huge advocate for boomers living their best life.

We as Baby boomers are now retiring, downsizing, reorganizing and prioritizing how  we live our lives. Many like me, have lost a long time spouse, have remarried or not, are grandparents and now taking care of our own parents.

You may be a sibling, child, grandchild or family member of a boomer and are curious about the baby boomers, who are the 2nd largest segment of the population.

Let’s give them something to talk about … because there’s always something to talk about!

Baby Boomers are the Second Largest Segment of the Population

I share “bytes of life” with you on a variety of topics including relationships, home and lifestyle, healthy living and of course travel, now that we have time to discover and explore amazing places. I’ll be interviewing guest speakers on these topics.

Let me know if you have suggestions for topics at

Something to think about …living our best life has become a challenge for many of us. Our country is suffering. I believe it’s because of self-serving politicians across the board. How did “We the People” become so insignificant? How do we deal with these obstacles and continue to live our best life? In this case, love will not conquer all. I’d love to know your thoughts, drop a comment!

Lets give them something talk about, because here’s always something talk about …