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I am Agi Anderson the Digital Diva, the chief innovator at Digital Diva Ventures! 

After my husband of 30 years passed away in 2012, I had to reinvent myself. I realized I was not happy living half a life, so I made a pact with myself. I would find my way back to loving life again.

I sold real estate most of my life and came to a revelation, it’s not just about where you live, but HOW you live. It took a while for me to love life again, but I ventured out, I decided to be fearless and committed to living a life I love!  It was then that I created the hub of all of my ventures, Sunflower Ventures, LLC.

And after years of working in real estate with a gig always on the side, the lightbulb clicked: I could use my selling expertise to expand my side-hustleI launched Digital Diva Ventures and aligned with products and services related  to #food #health #travel and of course #realestate.

I am well known for selling real estate fast on the Florida Space Coast! I also assist with buying, investment real estate which includes income producing vacation homes, residential real estate and property management services. More info can be found on my real estate website

I am the “Digital Diva”, a natural born hustler with a mission to build a base of purpose-driven clients living in the same lane of love, happiness, and prosperity. I am eager to provide you with high quality, value-based products, and services, along with a dose of inspiration to love life to the max. Diva Best Deals are out on the horizon plus you can check out my other Ventures on Facebook.

Another Diva Venture is supporting  Everyone on the planet deserves clean water and currently, 1-10 people lack access to it. 100% of Charity Water’s money goes directly to bring clean water to people in need. Scott Harrison created this non-profit organization which is totally transparent with the distribution of donations.

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This Digital Diva is ALL about being a Healthy Life Advocate.

Healthy Life Advovates

Digital Diva


Agi Anderson, the Happy Hungarian loves #exploring and sharing where to eat, stay & play in the USA and abroad.

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This Digital Diva who-sells Space Coast real estate fast is an avid traveler who loves to share travel deals, sights and sounds, daily adventures, and so much more…

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Space Coast Real Estate

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