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Sell For Sale By OwnerYou have arrived at the Property Details page, which indicates you saw the rider on a For Sale By Owner property showing it has the Home Assured Protection Plan. What this simply means is the home as had a full home inspection and the report is attached to the Brevard MLS listing.

As The FSBO Advisor, I always recommend the sellers conduct a FULL Home Inspection. It’s important to know early on what issues may arise from a home inspection. They can assure the buyer(s) mandatory repairs are being fixed,

By the seller obtaining a full home inspection, they are able to identify any issues that may cause problems with obtaining a clear 4 Point Home Inspection. The full home inspection report points out the “must repair issues” in order to receive a clear 4 Point Inspection which is now required in order to obtain homeowners insurance. The FSBO Advisor
Agi Anderson

Waiting for a buyer home inspection can impact a loan lock, mainly because some repairs can take longer to complete. A buyer I worked with had to pay for two loan extensions to keep his rate. If the seller had his home pre-inspected, there would have been more time complete the repairs.

The four areas are roof, HVAC, plumbing and electrical. The buyer is responsible for scheduling and paying an inspector to obtain a 4 Point Inspection. The buyer, if they choose to do so, may also conduct their own full home inspection during the inspection period.

The goal is to assure the buyer any issues of concern with a 4 Point Inspection will be remedied as promptly as possible. If there are issues outside of the 4 Pont Inspection, the For Sale By Owner will price or credit accordingly.