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The FSBO Advisor SAVES you thousands of dollars
assisting to be your own listing representative as For Sale By Owner


The red hot real estate market on the Brevard FL Space Coast shifted to lukewarm, then it cooled off, and now … in my humble opinion, winter is coming.

I thought, “what can I do to help sellers?” Especially the ones who paid an appraisal gap. I came up with being The FSBO Advisor. and now assist sellers sellers save thousands of dollars with commission. I advise sellers the best way to sell For Sale By Owner (FSBO) and be their own listing representative.

Selling your home on your own is a bit daunting.

There is more than meets the eye with getting your home “sell ready” and making it appealing to buyers.

With a Flat Fee MLS listing, you can list your home in the Brevard MLS  for less than $400, without a REALTOR (I am not representing you as your Realtor). This ensures that your property will get the most exposure to get sold quickly.


We select a vetted Flat Fee MLS service that allows you to list your property on your local MLS and make your property visible to the maximum number of home buyers.

It’s truly the best of both worlds to sell For Sale By Owner using MLS

As The FSBO Advisor, I am much more than an Advisor, see services I provide below. I  assist you with getting your home sell ready, get SOLD and make it to the closing table with a stress free experience.  I highly recommend using  my Home Assured Protection Plan.

Services include:

  • add your property to a top rated For Sale By Owner* website
  • confirm your listing propagates to local MLS, and aggregate websites like Zillow, etc
  • facilitate contract for purchase
  • advise you with contract negotiations 10 For Sale By Owners Problens

I have been a Florida real estate ‘broker’ since 1994. The majority of my career I was a successful listing agent. Why the change you ask? I believe a can help sellers more effectively as an advisor. I terminated my affiliation with the board of Realtors which allows me to pass on savings FSBO sellers.

Are you familiar with the 10 Problems For Sale by Owners Encounter?

Get my FREE List and avoid the heads and problems with selling your home For Sale By Owner

The Home Assured Protection Plan gives YOU the SELLER Advantage!

My FREE GUIDE explains how you can save thousands of dollars, plus you’ll learn how to gain the seller advantage using the Home Assured Protection Plan.

With the market shifting drastically because of the high interest rates, I realized sellers would need more options of getting their property sold.

I ditched my membership with the board of Realtors, along with my high cost real estate website so I could  pass on savings to sellers. I am paid a fixed fee as an advisor at closing.

It truly is the best of both worlds for me and the sellers. And sellers save a significant amount of money.

  • Receive professional assistance from a veteran Florida real estate broker
  • Only pay a selling commission to the agent who sells your home
  • SAVE lots of MONEY!!

Call/Text me to learn all the advantages and how you can SAVE thousand of dollars

being Your FSBO Advisor to sell your Florida home For Sale By Owner .


Agi Anderson, Florida Real Estate Broker since 1994





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*Cost for FSBO web site MLS listing is paid by the seller.