Digital Diva Deals is just one of my Diva Ventures! I just love that life is filled with doing deals, but honestly from my heart, what truly matters most is how we deal with life. Which I share on the Healthy Life Advocates page.

I am privileged with the opportunity to connect with you and do some awesome diva deals.  However, if I touch you in some way that helps you deal with life in a joyous, happy, prosperous way, better yet. 

When I did research about online shopping I found some staggering statistics at 51 Noteworthy Online Shopping Statistics:

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General online shopping statistics

  • E-commerce sales made up around 10 percent of total U.S. retail sales in the third quarter of 2018. (U.S. Census Bureau, 2018)
  • 69 percent of Americans say they’ve purchased an item online. (NPR/Marist, 2018)
  • 25 percent of adults in the U.S. purchase an item online at least once a month. (NPR/Marist, 2018)
  • 58 percent of American adults have purchased clothing or shoes online. (NPR/Marist, 2018)
  • 22 percent of total apparel sales took place online in 2018. (The Atlantic, 2019)
  • 30 percent of total computer and electronics sales took place online in 2018. (The Atlantic, 2019)
  • 3 percent of global grocery sales took place online in 2018. (The Atlantic, 2019)
  • It is estimated 20 percent of global grocery sales will take place online by 2020, reaching $100 billion in sales along the way. (Forbes, 2018)

Let’s do some deals!!

Being the natural born deal maker I am, these startling statistics compelled me to venture into e-commerce. It’s like a match made in heaven!! I love finding and sharing great deals for you and my growing tribe. I recently launched which is still a work in progress. Drop by and peek around, who knows you may find a great deal!!

Please don’t equate “a deal” too cheap or inexpensive.  This Diva is selective and  is always in search of the Best Quality Deals to share with you. Diva Best Deals relate primarily to health, travel and of course real estate! My passion for fashion, health, wellness and beauty, natural organic products, and home decor. 

In addition to collaborating and affiliating with other businesses who offer fabulous deals, I am developing an amazing Digital Ventures Team who scours the web in search of the best online deals. Check out the collabs below, for some excellent deals …