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Start preserving your property value from the day that you close​. ​Whether it’s your personal residence or an investment property, deferred ​home ​maintenance always impacts property in an adverse way. In my 25+ years as a real estate broker on the Brevard FL Space Coast, I have viewed countless home inspection reports and not once have I seen a report that says, “this home is perfect and has no issues at all” regardless of how immaculate the home may have looked.​ HomeZada​, a digital home management system helps  property owners keep up with important home maintenance and so much more, take a look at

​Investing in real estate ​is about timing​,​ along with supply and demand. The space industry keeps the rental market is in constant demand. ​The key is buying at the best price and being aware of the cost of getting a property rent ready. I have specialized with investment Real Estate since the early 2000’s. ​

​Income producing ​vacation homes revolve more around short term rentals that are often rented via Airbnb. There are some factors to conider when buying a home that will be ra daiy or weekly rental. provides real estate services on the Brevard FL Sopace Coast​. You will fnd a plethora of information about buying, selling and investing in real estate. ​

Sale Ready Services was created out of a rising need to provide Realtors reliable resources to help sellers resolve inspection issues coordinate getting properties sell ready and close ready. Check out this link to see the top notch service professionals our Sale Ready Crew uses to insure quality work and code compliant updates, if needed.

LovingFloridaLife is all about living the coastal Florida Lifestyles well known in the sunshine state. Can you believe this website was created in 2010. Ruth and I knew way back then promoting Florida lifestyle would evolve as the internet expanded communication using social networking.

Also be sure to check out the Marketplace for valuable shopping links and reviews for a variety of useful household and healthcare items with links and reliable reviews. Stay tuned for “Diva Private Collection”, coming soon​.

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