To some, the Digital Realm is defined as a vast and complex Internet World.
But not for this Digital Diva … it’s the kingdom of digital innovation & communication.


I began working in the digital realm in the early 90’s before the internet became the vast worldwide web. For me, it’s all about innovation, collaboration and communication. The digital realm provides countless outlets with using digital communication, thus I evolved as the digital diva, who loves communicating, innovating, and collaborating in the digital realm! 

Did you know that every venture was created for you, along with all men and women heading into the half century mark. As a long time Realtor, I have come to learn, it’s not just about where we live, but how we live that matters most. Honestly from my heart, what truly matters most is how we deal with life. Which I share more about on the Healthy Life Advocates page.

I am privileged with the opportunity to connect with you and share my digital diva ventures. It is my hearts desire to touch you in some way to make the life journey joyous, happy, healthy prosperous and most of all fun!