After you turn 40 years old, it’s really important to be conscientious of your carbohydrate intake. As we age, our metabolism slows and the rate at which we break down food decreases by 10 percent each decade after age 20 years old. Carb overload is guaranteed to cause weight gain, and it seems everything we eat has carbs. Living a carb conscious life is not about deprivation, it’s about being mindful of your carb intake. If you have a stack of pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast, a sub sandwich with chips for lunch and a big plate of pasta for dinner with a few glasses of vino, you had a carb overload day. Eat like this all week and the next thing you know you’re packing on the pounds.

With a bit of planning, preparation and selecting low carb options, you can eat what you enjoy and keep off the excess pounds. If you know you’re going out for dinner, eat lower carb foods for breakfast and lunch. I use the Carb Manager to track my intake not just with carbohydrates, I also monitor calories, proteins and fats. Good fats in foods like avocados, salmon and olive oil are more sustaining and curb your appetite, but over doing fats can cause weight gain.

Living a Carb Conscious Life becomes effortless with time, you learn which foods are high in carbs and can choose low carb options. Typically bread and pasta are high in carbs, but low carb breads and pastas from the Great Low Carb Bread Company have lower carbohydrates and more fiber. A win, win all the way around.

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I leave you with, living a carb conscious life is about having a health mindset, making mindful choices and enjoying wellbeing!