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I am Agi Anderson the Digital Diva, the chief innovator at Digital Diva Ventures! I’m a 20+ year veteran real estate broker, a hack blogger and serial entrepreneur. I enjoy connecting with people like you who live with purpose, appreciate prosperity, and seek quality products and services.

After years working in real estate with a gig always on the side, the lightbulb clicked: I could use my selling expertise to expand my side-hustleI launched Digital Diva Ventures and aligned with products and services related to #food #health #travel and of course #realestate.

I am the Digital Diva, a natural born hustler with a mission to build a base of purpose-driven clients living in the same lane of love, happiness, and prosperity. I am eager to provide you with high quality, value-based products, and services, along with a dose of inspiration to love life to the max. Diva Best Deals are available at, just click on the button below to get on my list of notifications. I’ll be seeing you soon on the web!

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Digital Diva Ventures

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You’re invited to return often to Digital Diva Ventures, where we live on purpose and advocate living a happy, healthy prosperous life. Our goal with all our ventures is to provide you the “Best Diva Deals” with quality products and exceed your expectations with customer service!! Along with my Digital Diva Digest (blog), my tribe and I scoop up and share the best blog posts about food, health, travel, shopping online, digital marketing, real estate & loving life on the FL Space Coast at

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