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Sunflower Ventures launches beyond real estate sales

Greetings, from the Brevard FL Space Coast! I am Agi Anderson, Your Brevard FL Realtor and the chief innovator at Sunflower Ventures! I started in the digital world many moons ago before the internet was the monstrosity it is today!

I have been a FL real estate broker since 1994, a hack blogger and a serial entrepreneur my entire life. I enjoy connecting with people like YOU who live with purpose, strive for well being and make every effort to live a happy, healthy, prosperous life.

When my husband of 30 years passed away, I realized I had to reinvent myself. I created Healthy Life Advocate to promote living a happy, healthy, prosperous life. I am proud to be a proager, I believe aging is a privilege. I seek to inspire both men and women to ignore the hype and avoid surgeries to “look 10 years younger,” let a youthful heart allow you to flourish at every age.

After years of selling real estate almost always along with a side gig, the lightbulb clicked: I could use my selling expertise to expand my side-hustle, so I leaped beyond just real estate sales and launched Sunflower Ventures. Now I am aligned and affiliated with products and services related to home and lifestyle.

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Join me on a shopping journey…
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Take 5 and watch our videos that provide you valuable information about health, travel, business and more.

Profitable Ventures

What are you doing to create more wealth? Profits lead to increasing the bottom line. What’s your plan to be more profitable?

You’re invited to return often to Digital Diva Ventures, where we live on purpose and advocate living a happy, healthy prosperous life. Our goal with all our ventures is to provide you the “Best Diva Deals” with quality products and exceed your expectations with customer service!! Along with my Digital Diva Digest (blog), my tribe and I scoop up and share the best blog posts about food, health, travel, shopping online, digital marketing, real estate & loving life on the FL Space Coast at BestBlogScoops.com


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