Agi Anderson, the Digital Diva Shares Ventures in Life & Business

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Do you daydream about what it would be like to live a life you love? 

Hey Ya’ll … I am Agi Anderson the Digital Diva, the chief innovator at Digital Diva Ventures!

After my husband of 30 years passed away in 2012, I had to reinvent myself, I realized I was not happy living half a life. I made a pact with myself, I would find my way back to loving life again. I sold real estate most of my life and came to a revelation, it’s not just about where you live, but HOW you live. It took a while for me to love life again, but I ventured out, I decided to be fearless and committed to living a life I love!  It was then that I created Sunflower Ventures, LLC. the hub to all of my ventures.  

I launched Digital Diva Ventures so I could be aligned and affiliated with products and services that promote living a healthy, prosperous and fulfilling life. I love venturing into #food #health #travel and #real state. Every Diva Venture revolves around living a joyful life. I urge you, don’t wait til someday to be happy. Commit here an now to live life passionately, dare to be bold, to be fearless, to venture out and live a life you love.

Diva Ventures in Life and Business

Healthy Life Ventures

We all have the power to defy aging bleakly by eating healthy, keeping physically active and remaining sexually engaged.

Loving Life Ventures

Do whatever it takes to love the life you live. Don’t wait til someday to be happy. Live passionately, love easily, live a life you love.

Profitable Ventures

What are you doing to create more wealth? Profits lead to increasing the bottom line. What’s your plan to be more profitable?

Don’t wait til someday to be truly happy, you risk living a life you love. Connect with what makes you tick #ventureout, #bebolder, #befearless, and #takechances!


Commit to living a life you love!

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